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My name is Ana Lora Garrard and I am here to assist you in opening to your own rich, inner wisdom. I am a spiritual dream interpretation guide, a teacher, and the author of a book on understanding dreams called, Your Dreams: Spiritual Messages in Pajamas, published by Llewellyn Worldwide in November 2010.

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What is spiritual dream interpretation?  The spiritual dream interpretation I teach is an intuitive type of dream interpretation that allows you to begin understanding dreams and their meaning through your heart, rather than analyzing dreams through the limited framework of your intellect or dream dictionary definitions. It is based on the premise that you are a unique, radiant individual and the messages you receive in dreams are designed especially for you, in a language your heart can fully comprehend.  When you practice spiritual dream interpretation, you begin understanding dreams and their meaning in a way that fully honors you and that allows you to discover the wisdom you carry within.

Image How does Spiritual Dream Interpretation Work?

Spiritual dream interpretation guides you through the process of exploring all your dream images as emerging parts of yourself.  It helps you speak with various aspects of yourself that are seeking to grow.  Instead of analyzing dreams by labeling imagery the way a dream dictionary does, spiritual dream interpretation invites you to begin understanding dreams and their meaning by embodying each of your dream characters fully.  It teaches you to ask your dream characters questions like, “How do you feel?  What part of me are you?” In this way, you can feel where each of your dream characters lives inside of you and absorb what they have to teach you on a profound level.

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Spiritual dream interpretation can be used for more than understanding dreams and their meaning.  It can also be used to explore your life as a dream.  You can employ spiritual dream interpretation to examine any waking experience – any person, creature, tree, rock, or event that appears in your daily life -- just as if it were a dream image.  You just you do the same thing you’d do when exploring dreams and their meaning …you imagine yourself to be the friend or thunderstorm you’d like to comprehend, you embody it, and then you ask it questions.  When you examine your life as a dream in this way, you receive a surprising gift; you suddenly begin to recognize what role a sick cat, a broken appliance, or a kind stranger might be playing in the larger picture of your experience. You learn to see many aspects of your waking experience from a broader, spiritual perspective.

Image The Benefits of Spiritual Dream Interpretation

The main benefit of this type of dream interpretation is that it invites you to expand your life in a gentle, powerful manner.  Unlike other methods of analyzing dreams and their meaning, spiritual dream interpretation allows you to understand yourself, your dreams, and your daily experiences more deeply so that you can heal your relationships, your health, your finances, and all other areas of your life from the inside out.  In other words, it gently pulls you down the path of self-realization and love.

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To learn more about spiritual dream interpretation, I invite you to take a look at my new book, Your Dreams: Spiritual Messages in Pajamas.  It gives you all the tools you need for understanding dreams and their meaning, exploring your waking life as a dream, and forming a dream exploration group. 

The other services I provide include individual dream guidance sessions, as well as lectures and classes.  In the sessions, I work with you on a one-to-one basis, guiding you through the process of drawing forth your inner wisdom, so that you can begin understanding dreams and/or events in your waking life.  In the lectures and classes, I guide you through this same process, only in a group format.

You can find complete descriptions of my book and other services elsewhere on this site.

(*Please note:  I have just begun referring to the type of work I do as “spiritual dream interpretation.”  In my book I talk about “conscious, heart-centered dream exploration,” yet I am really referring to the same method of exploring dreams and their meaning that I am talking about here!)

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